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Have Car, Will Drive: How to Make Money Driving


Driving happens to be one of my favorite activities. It is awesome that the internet has opened up a bunch of ways for me to earn just by driving. If you also want to know how to earn money driving, I’ll be sharing my favorite methods in this blog post!   Use the Appropriate Vehicle I have a friend who drives a sweet old school Ford Mustang fastback. It’s an awesome car, and lovingly restored...

Strapped for Cash? Here’s How to Make Money Fast!


A buddy of mine called me up (yes, people still use the phone!) the other day asking for a very specific type of financial advice. He was going through a case of really bad luck: his garage suffered some pretty extensive water damage after the storm, and needed money for repairs. And he needed money, and fast. “I need money now,” was what he told me. Now, my friend wasn’t calling to ask for money...

Hobbies that Make Money


You know the saying: do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I used to be skeptical about that saying. It kind of sounded too far fetched and self-helpy to be real. Well, things have changed in recent years. The internet (specifically social media) has made it easier for people to find lucrative hobbies. While there are more profitable hobbies than others, a lot of people have...

Start Your Own Furniture Flipping Business  – Here’s How


One of my best-earning side hustles is sourcing old furniture, restoring it, and selling it at a tidy profit. I’ve always loved vintage items  – I have a pretty sweet collection of vintage Star Wars action figures, and I also collect vintage audio equipment. But a few years ago, I came across this interesting article on the BBC. It covered the rising demand and interest in vintage items. Check...

Need 700 Bucks? Here’s How to Earn it Fast!


I was watching a movie just last night, and an idea came to me during the climactic battle scene: I gotta write a blog post about how to make 700 dollars fast. Does this blog topic have any connection to the movie? Nope. Does the 700 dollar amount have any significance? Nope. Was the movie I watched any good. You bet! To make a long story short, I’m writing this blog post completely on a whim...

How to Make Money Online as a Teen


My younger brother, who is graduating high school next year (proud of ya, bro!) was checking out my blog recently. He asked me why I didn’t write articles that helped teens earn money. He told me that teens tend to have limited earning methods. When he looks for ideas online, most of the sites he finds suggest the usual earning methods, like taking a paper route, mowing lawns, and babysitting...

Work Online from Home and Get Paid


Thanks to the magical powers of the internet, it is now possible to get paid to work from home. And by that I mean, it’s possible to find legitimate work that pays actual money. But it wasn’t always like that. I’ve been doing various easy work from home jobs, and I remember the time when the internet was full of scammy and shady companies out to dupe hard-working people such as myself. Well, I’d...

How to Make Money with Your House


I’m not a super-rich property mogul…. okay, I’m not even a property mogul, period. But just because I’m a regular dude, that doesn’t mean I can’t make money with income properties. It’s easier now than ever to make money from your house. If you’d like to know how to make money from property, this article will be showing you how to do just that! Before I show you how to make money from your home...

How to Make Money as a College Student – My Top Methods


College can be tough  – and I’m not just referring to having to crawl to class after all-night keggers. Heck, if your time in college was anything like mine, chances are you didn’t even have a whole lot of time to party. And that’s because you were too busy trying to find ways to earn money for boarding, food, and other necessities. How to make money in college is one of the toughest challenges...

The Cheapest Ways to Watch Movies – I Share My Awesome Methods


Who doesn’t love movies? I think just about everyone loves watching movies – so much so that I actually consider movies a basic necessity at this point. But even having said that, I know most of us are trying to save as much money as possible (that’s why you’re reading this blog in the first place, right?). The good news is that it’s cheaper than ever to watch movies – you just have to be...

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