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Making Money Doing What You Love – Is it Possible?


You know the old saying: do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. That isn’t something previous generations used to consider – and props to them for laying the groundwork for all the opportunities that succeeding generations now enjoy. These days, it’s possible to make money doing what you love. And it doesn’t have to be some far-fetched pipe dream. Not everyone dreams of...

How to Make Money with Airbnb – it’s Super-Easy!


I’m all about the passive income. I’ve written about my love for passive income before. If you haven’t read my old articles about passive income, these earning methods allow you to earn without actually “working” day-to-day. There’s a wide range of passive earning methods, from renting out your car to renting out your room and home. Today, I’ll be talking about how to make money by renting out...

How Much Money Can You Make with Lyft?


I was an early adopter when the so-called sharing economy became a thing. When companies like Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb came into the scene, I found an opportunity to make money by driving for other people, or even renting out the spare room in my house. Participating in the sharing economy has been pretty liberating (and lucrative!) for me. Since I can manage my own hours, that means I can spend...

Make Real Money by Answering Online Surveys – I Show You How


I’ve written before about how I love earning money by watching videos. Most of the rewards sites that pay you to do just that also have alternate ways to earn, such as answering surveys. In fact, next to watching videos, answering surveys are one of the primary ways you can earn from these rewards sites. Next to watching videos, I love to make money filling out surveys. And there’s a simple...

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