What’s up, guys? It’s Cliff, your faithful bringer of info on side hustles, online earning methods, and various odd jobs. Welcome to the How to Make Beer Money blog. If you’re on the lookout for unique and awesome earning methods, this site should be a useful tool for you.

I started this blog to share valuable info with like-minded peeps all over the world. I love earning money  – and I’m willing to bet, so do you. If you’ve been looking for legit ways to make money, this is the blog for you. I’ve been using the internet as my primary resource for earning supplemental income for about five years now (which is forever in internet years!).

I’ve tried just about all earning methods you can think of. I’ve found some real gems, which I’ll be sharing with you on this blog. And, sadly, I’ve also encountered quite a few scams. But hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes, and avoid all these shady sites.

You’re probably wondering why I called this blog How to Make Beer Money. First, the short answer: I love beer! It doesn’t have to be expensive beer; I just associate the sound of beer cans being cracked open with friends and good times.

And now, the more detailed answer: most of the earning methods I’ll be writing about on this blog won’t make you a millionaire overnight. And that’s cool, because they weren’t meant to do so. If you come across a site that makes all sorts of crazy, outlandish promises, chances are, it’s a scam. In my experience, the truly legit sites don’t make promises that are too good to be true. And that’s where the term “beer money” comes from. The money you’ll be making on legit sites may not make you right overnight, but it will be good enough to supplement your main income.

I call that “beer money” because, well, like I mentioned earlier, I love beer. But you can spend your money on what you want, of course. And you can even call it something else. Grocery money. Savings money. Lunch money. Heck, maybe even wine money (hey, that’s a great name for a blog)!

So that’s what the How to Make Beer Money blog is all about. I’m looking forward to sharing all sorts of great info with you. If you know any great earning methods, I’m also hoping to hear from you on the comments section.

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