Strapped for Cash? Here’s How to Make Money Fast!


A buddy of mine called me up (yes, people still use the phone!) the other day asking for a very specific type of financial advice. He was going through a case of really bad luck: his garage suffered some pretty extensive water damage after the storm, and needed money for repairs. And he needed money, and fast.

“I need money now,” was what he told me. Now, my friend wasn’t calling to ask for money (although I would have happily loaned him the cash). He’s a pretty independent dude, and never expects handouts. What he needed was advice on how to make money quickly. Having my own blog has made me the go-to guy for earning advice among my friends. So I gave him some advice on how to make quick money, and then a thought came to me: why don’t I write a blog post about how to get money fast?

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I’m sure my friend’s need for fast money wasn’t unique. Lots of people encounter emergencies, or simple bad luck, all of which require immediate funds to address. So I made a mental note to share those tips with the readers of How to Make Beer Money. Before I list my favorite ways to quick ways to make money, I need to give you an important piece of advice first.

How to Make Money Fast

Don’t Get Desperate!

There are undoubtedly a lot of people need money now, and unfortunately, that means there are also a lot of shady or less-scrupulous sites out there who are willing to exploit people’s needs for quick money. These sites either scam you out of your personal info, or act like loan sharks, Remember, as urgent as your need is for fast cash, it’s never a good idea to go to shady sites or individuals to borrow cash.

Instead, use the money-making methods I’ve listed below. All these methods are legit, and are great ways to recover financially. They might not make outlandish promises about earning big money in a short amount of time, but that’s a good thing. Most scammy sites will make promises that are simply too good to be true. A legit site will enable you to earn continuously, which is something you’ll want in order to build up your financial nest egg.

So never let your guard down, and never let anybody prey on your desperation. And repeat after me: Things. Will. Be. Okay.

Shady Websites

Ways to Make Money Fast

Okay, with that piece of advice out of the way, here are my top methods for making money fast. These are all certified-legit, and have been tested by me and my buddy (who was able to start repairs on his garage not long after we spoke!). Check ‘em out:

Sell Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

If you need money fast, selling some old and unused items is a time-honored method of raising funds quickly. There are a lot of ways to sell old stuff: you can sell on eBay, Craigslist, sell to your local vintage store, or even hold an old-fashioned garage sale. So why did I recommend Facebook Marketplace specifically?

For starters, Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge any sort of transaction fee. Compare this with eBay, which has loads of fees. On Facebook Marketplace, you upload what you’re selling, and that’s it. No fees, no nothing.

Another big advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that you can usually finalize deals faster. You don’t have to wait for your eBay auction to end. As soon as you and a buyer agree on the terms of the sale, you can meet right away. And that’s another good thing about Facebook Marketplace: you can set the visibility of your items to nearby areas, meaning you can meet buyers faster – which means you get your money fast!

Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

Use a Rewards Site to Earn Quick Money

Rewards sites are a great way to earn extra money. But if you’re in a rush, you need to remember that some of them might take weeks to process your payouts. I was about to give up on rewards sites, but the guys at Work From Home Genius wrote about GrabPoints. The site processes payments in as little as 48 hours! That is blazing-fast, my friends. It’s so fast, you could request a payout on a Wednesday, and realistically get your money by the time the weekend comes (which is usually when most of us need our money).

You earn money and gift cards on GrabPoints by answering surveys, completing tasks, and watching videos. If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you have a lot of side hustles. The earning methods on GrabPoints are easy to do, meaning they won’t take time away from your other side gigs. It’s a great way to earn without exerting too much effort.

grabpoints Home

Deliver Packages for Amazon Flex

There are a lot of “sharing economy” gigs out there. You can drive for Uber or Lyft, buy and deliver groceries for people… you could even haul people’s cargo. There are a lot of great opportunities out there. But one of my favorites is delivering packages via Amazon Flex.

Amazon Flex is part of Amazon’s Prime services. Under Amazon Prime, shoppers can expect faster delivery times. Since Amazon can’t fulfill those orders on its own, it started the Amazon Flex program to pay drivers to deliver packages for them. When you get a notification on your phone, you rush to the nearest Amazon warehouse and fulfillment center, pick up the package, then deliver it. You will need a car to be able to do this, of course. But the earnings here are great!

amazon Flex Home

Do Random Jobs

Can’t decide on a single type of gig you’d like to try out? No worries! There are a lot of “odd job marketplaces” out there. You can try looking for random gigs at sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk and PeoplePerHour. On these sites, you can expect to find a wide assortment of random jobs you can try out. And you can pick the ones that interest you – and pay fast, of course.

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