Letgo Review: Make Money Selling Your Old Stuff – Legit or Scam?


I recently talked about selling my old furniture in a previous post. I listed down a few selling sites, but today I’ll be focusing on a single one: Letgo. This article will be reviewing the Letgo and answering the question: is Letgo a good app? In the process, I’ll also be providing a few Letgo app tips.

Wanna know more about Letgo? Let’s go!

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Letgo: an Intro

Letgo is a selling platform that was launched in 2015. It has both a website and app component, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. With 100 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings, Letgo is the fastest-growing selling platform on the internet.

Why Should You Sell Your Old Stuff on Letgo?

Given that eBay, the world’s most popular selling site, has been around since 1995, you gotta wonder what an upstart like Letgo has to offer. I’ll be covering the details later in this Letgo app review, but generally speaking, Letgo is more aggressive about introducing new features that benefit the user (i.e., us). For example, they just recently introduced “Emma” a bot that helps you sell better.

Letgo also facilitates better communication via its built-in chat function. And while you can definitely sell to anyone in the world, you also have the option to sell locally. That was a game-changer for me, since I always prefer to sell to someone I can meet face to face.

All things considered, I found Letgo easier to sell stuff on. If you’re on the fence about decluttering or getting rid of some unused stuff, Letgo is a selling platform you should try.

LetGo What Can You Sell

What Can You Sell on Letgo?

Just about anything, really… okay, nothing illegal, of course. And they have some rules about dangerous and prohibited items. So unless you’re looking to sell something of questionable use and origin, you can sell it on Letgo.

This review will be written from the perspective of someone who wanted to declutter, but anyone can sell on Letgo. I know a few semi-professional resellers. They scour thrift stores for notable vintage items and sell them on Letgo at a tidy profit. Others sell antiques and home decor.  But it also works perfectly for people like us – that is, people who only want to get rid of a few stuff lying around the house.

How Does the Letgo App Work?

Simple, there are only two basic steps:

1. Register

Head over the Letgo website and register. Then you can download the app for your iOS or Android device.

2. Sell!

Selling on Letgo is as simple as dragging and dropping images. And with Emma bot in effect, it’s really easy to get your sale up and ready.

I’ll be providing some tips on how to improve your selling game in a bit. But for now, here is the advantage and disadvantage of using Letgo:

Letgo: The Advantage

It encourages local, face-to-face transactions. I used to think selling globally was where it’s at. But there’s actually an advantage to selling to a smaller market. The process is usually smoother, more personable. It’s easier to talk to people when they’re in the same city as you. And Letgo gives you a handy chat function to facilitate that.

Letgo: The Disadvantage

There’s no integrated payment method. Unlike eBay, which has PayPal built-in, transactions on Letgo are usually done via cash. This means there is no way to facilitate refunds or settle disputes if things go wrong. You’re pretty much on your own, when a seller complains.

To minimize the possibility of that happening, try following the tips I’ve listed below.

A Few Selling Tips

Don’t just throw stuff up for sale and expect it to sell itself. You need to do some planning beforehand, and make sure you increase the chance of the item getting sold. Here are a few tips I’ve learned from my years of selling. All of these apply to Letgo, and they can be used by any type of seller, from someone wanting to declutter, to someone wanting to make a thriving online selling business.

LetGo Take great pictures

Take great pictures!

Good presentation is key when you’re selling online. On the internet, people can’t really get up close and personal with the merchandise you’re selling. All they have are a few photos and a couple lines of text to help them make up their minds. When buying online, people mainly rely on visuals.

So make sure your photos are fantastic. And by that, I don’t just mean nice lighting and artsy angles. You need to show all angles of the product, even the unflattering sides (probably more so). Imagine how a person would inspect the item in real life. Then take photos that show those angles.

Next, take a few photos that look good as thumbnails. You can have the best photo in the world, but if it looks unintelligible as a thumbnail, chances are people won’t click on your post. So basically, you need that thumbnail to encourage people to click on through.

Price to sell, not to feel good

I’m a die hard Die Hard fan, and I recently sold a rare Die Hard DVD on Letgo. The DVD was an obscure pressing from a small Eastern European country. It had unique box art and unintentionally funny subtitles. I had to hustle to find a contact who could get me that DVD. Since I went through so much trouble getting it, I originally gave it a high selling price.

Well, turns out no one really cared about my ultra-rare DVD. Or maybe they probably did, but found my asking price too high. The thing was, my original selling price was meant to justify my effort procuring it. It was there to make me feel good about selling it. And that didn’t work. I eventually lowered it to a more reasonable price, and it got snapped up quickly.

So if you’re looking to move an item quickly, you’ll have to price it accordingly, even you don’t feel too good about that price.

LetGo Communicate well

Communicate well

On Letgo, you have all the tools to communicate well with potential buyers. Use those tools. Answer promptly, be friendly, be patient, and always answer questions as truthfully as possible.

As a buyer a seller’s attitude can sometimes make or break the deal. When the seller is sketchy or rude, I tend to take my business elsewhere, even if I really want what that person has for sale. But if the seller is polite and accommodating, I’ve sometimes gone ahead and gotten the item, even if I wasn’t too interested in it.

Now that we’ve covered the nitty-gritting of Letgo, let’s talk about decluttering.

Why Should You Declutter?

Strangely enough, I got asked that a lot. My mom especially wanted to know why I was selling my perfectly serviceable stuff. (Short answer: I wanted to upgrade to more “grown-up” pieces.) The truth is, everyone will have their own reasons for wanting or needing to sell their old stuff. But below are a few common reasons – see if any of these apply to you.

You need to upgrade to better pieces

This was my primary reason for selling my stuff. I sold my old sofa, side table, a couple of last-gen gaming consoles, and lots and lots of clothes. None of those items were damaged or worn-out, but I kind of outgrew them (and in the case of my old clothes, I outgrew them literally).

My furniture were hand me downs from my mom when I got my own apartment. There was nothing wrong with it per se, but something about it screamed “college.” Ditto with my clothes (fedoras and cargo pants, anyone?).

I’m a totally different person now, and I decided to replace my old stuff with better, more durable items.

You need the money    

Okay, gotta get real with you – as far as my personal reasons go, this is a close second.  The transmission of my aging Honda Civic finally gave up (maybe I should also sell my car!), and I faced a pretty hefty repair bill. I decided to sell my old stuff to help defray that cost. But surprise, surprise, since I had so much junk to sell, I actually ended up having enough to pay my repair bills with enough left over to upgrade many of my stuff!

But I was lucky that time. If you need the funds, you shouldn’t hesitate to sell your stuff. No object, no matter how nice or collectible, is worth not having enough to pay for your necessities.

LetGo You need the space

You need the space

This is another good reason for you to declutter. Having so much stuff can be a burden, and when your possessions start to require more space than you do, maybe it’s time to consider selling them. Living space should be for, you know, living. Not storage.

You need the peace of mind

In my many years as a Die Hard fan, I had accumulated a sizeable collection. But my happiness didn’t last very long… in fact, it made me pretty miserable. Having a collection required a lot of mental bandwidth, and it got tiring having to maintain and update it. In fact, it felt like my collection owned me.

If you’re like me, selling your unused or unnecessary stuff will give you a good sense of freedom. You’re no longer weighed down by your possessions. This is pretty much what the minimalism movement preaches.

So less stuff, more peace of mind.  (Although I couldn’t quite part with my Estonian VHS copy of Die Hard with a Vengeance.)


So that was my Letgo app review. Is Letgo legit? It definitely is! It offers a few innovative features that are really beneficial to use sellers (and buyers, too). You should definitely give the Letgo app a try. I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say about it!

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1 comment

  • Whether you’re looking to get rid of some old your stuff to make little extra money on the side or want a particular item at a bargain, you should definitely check out Letgo App.

    The app itself is excellent, and I admire the concept. I am a seller, and I have several items for sale here. I’ve gotten a handful of messages/inquiries, and I sold about half of my stuff already.
    Buyers haggled over the price, but it’s expected as I’m selling used items.
    I also bought an item on here before. It was a smooth transaction, I got it on a fair price, and negotiations work out really well. I was happy about it.
    Just a piece of advice when selling, treat the site as an online garage sale and only take cash.
    It’s what I do, I don’t accept checks, I only take cash cause it’s less hassle.

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