The Cheapest Ways to Watch Movies – I Share My Awesome Methods


Who doesn’t love movies? I think just about everyone loves watching movies – so much so that I actually consider movies a basic necessity at this point. But even having said that, I know most of us are trying to save as much money as possible (that’s why you’re reading this blog in the first place, right?).

The good news is that it’s cheaper than ever to watch movies – you just have to be creative and find alternate ways to get your movie fix. Of course, you need to be resourceful, since there’s no (legal) way you can watch movies in that new Imax theater for cheap. But fret not, my dear movie fan. This blog post will be showing you all the ways you can watch movies without busting your wallet.

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Some of these methods aren’t as cool as watching the latest blockbuster in the aforementioned Imax theater, but you will be able to watch a lot of great movies (including recent ones, as well!)

These include finding movies for sale cheap, buying used DVD movies for sale cheap, and the cheapest way to rent movies online. And these methods even make great social activities with friends, since the best way to watch movies is always with a group of friends. If you’re ready to go on a movie marathon, read on!

watch movies

Get a Netflix Account

Let’s start with the most basic method to watch movies for cheap – Netflix. Chances are, you already have a Netflix account. If not, go and get a premium account now! It’s totally worth it. The price will depend on where you’re located, but whatever the cost is, it’s surely going to be really cheap. Netflix is awesome it’s got tons of great movies and TV series that are sure to satisfy your inner cinephile. Back when I was in college, my dorm mates even had a collective Netflix fund. We all contributed to our monthly membership fee and watched Netflix on the TV in the common area of the dorm.

get a netflix account

Buy Used DVDs in Lots

DVDs (and Blu-ray discs) are still being produced, but streaming is fast becoming the favorite viewing method of movies fans around the world. This means there are a lot of people looking to sell their DVD collections. And there’s a big chance that some of these DVDs are still pretty new. So buying used DVDs and Blu-rays is one of my favorite ways to watch movies on the cheap. And the great thing about “old-school” discs is that they usually contain extras and bonus content that the streaming versions just don’t have.

The key to maximizing your money when looking for cheap DVD movies for sale or Blu-ray movies for cheap is to buy in bulk. That way, you save on shipping fees, and chances are, you’ll be saving money if you buy in bulk. And since there are likely a lot of people trying to dump their collections, you’re likely to find a lot of DVD and Blu-ray lots for sale on eBay and Craigslist.

Buy Used DVDs

Scour Your Local Pawn Shops

I thought old-school pawn shops were a thing of the past. What, with sites like eBay and Craigslist offering more convenience. I was wrong. There are still tons of pawnshops in my town. And most of them are doing pretty fine. I decided to check my nearby shop one day, and was surprised to find they have tons of old DVDs and Blu-rays (as well as music CDs – remember those?) for sale for even cheaper than online prices. I think these shops aren’t too concerned about the titles they’re selling. It doesn’t matter if they’re selling a rare Star Wars DVD or whatever; it’s all plastic to them. I was able to score a bunch of DVD movies for cheap – sometimes as low as a few cents, to a few dollars each!

Scour Your Local Pawn Shops

Patronize Your Local Drive-In Theater

Drive-in theaters aren’t as common as they used to be, but if there’s one in your area, you’re in luck. Drive-ins usually only cost a few bucks for entrance. Plus, a lot of them are double features, so you get more bang for your buck.

There isn’t a drive-in theater close to me, but it’s such an awesome experience watching in one that my friends and I regularly make trips to the next city just to watch in their drive-in theater. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s communal, and it’s super cheap!

Local Drive-In Theater

Download the Vudu App

If you still have a Blu-ray player, chances are it has the Vudu app pre-installed. The app is one of the cheapest ways to rent movies online. Movies only cost around $3 to rent. They even have daily promos that cost only $1. Movies under those promos aren’t always new, but hey, I don’t mind. It’s not like I need to watch the newest movies every time.

Download the Vudu App

Rent Physical Disks

Yes, believe it or not, but there are still places where you can actually rent physical copies of movies, like DVDs and Blu-rays. I love going to those places, since it feels like a time warp into the 1990s.

The cheapest way to rent movies, is via a company called Redbox. They even have new DVD releases, which you can rent for about a dollar a night. They also have Blu-rays, which cost a little more than DVDs to rent.

Another cheap place to rent movies is Blockbuster Express. Yeah, Blockbuster is still hanging in there. Renting movies here costs only a couple of bucks, but older releases can be rented for up to a dollar each.

Rent Physical Disks

Watch Movies at “Dollar” or Discount Theaters

Not all movies theaters show the latest movies. There are so-called “Dollar Theaters” (although they now charge upwards of a couple of dollars) that let you watch movies for really cheap. Since the movies shown here are not the newest, entrance is much cheaper than regular theaters. Give this a try!

Dollar Theaters

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  • Thanks for the great post! This post contains awesome information, and this will definitely broaden our knowledge of ways to watch movies.
    My partner and I are always looking for free but legal movie options. We have a Netflix account, but we don’t often use it now as we’re looking for some movies which are not there. Several of these ways are new to us, and we’re excited to check them out or try them at least.
    Thank you again!

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